SYMISA, the Sophia Antipolis Joint Association was set up in 1972 to coordinate initiatives and to plan and schedule events in Sophia Antipolis. SYMISA is responsible for managing land, equipment, marketing and upkeeping the park and is involved with coordination activities for harmonious development of the technology park.

It ensures strict application of planning rules and guarantees site sustainability by selecting implantations according to type of activity. To this end, for several decades, it managed the sale of public plots to encourage the development of the technology park and business establishment.

Operational office space


To rise to these challenges and to bring these projects to fruition, from an operational point of view, operational governance of the technology park was established, and federates the technology park’s network leaders. It comes together every two weeks, chaired by the Deputy Chair of SYMISA and CASA, Jean-Pierre Mascarelli.

Role and missions

The SYMISA’s missions are as follows:

>to coordinate the technology park’s stakeholdersregarding all areas of interest to the technology park, and in particular those concerning its structuring or responses to calls for projects;

>to support stakeholdersworking in the fields of public interest, and whose scope of intervention is dedicated to the technology park (business clubs and the Sophia Antipolis Foundation for example)

>to design, define and implementinstitutional communication exclusively as a single legitimate entity embodying Sophia Antipolis, for the technology park as a whole, by means of all available media sources

>to manage, maintain, develop or sell its property or land assets; carry out or have carried out studies, services and analyses required for the definition and implementation of the guidelines proposed;

> to issue all observations and recommendations about public planning projects for the Sophia Antipolis technology park; and more generally speaking, perform all operations compatible with its purpose, relating and contributing to its accomplishment, and in particular to undertake any necessary borrowing, request and cash subsidies or recover participations from community members.


Consisting of an assembly of 28 elected members, SYMISA brings together the main development players in the technology park:

> Sophia Antipolis Urban Community,

> the Alpes-Maritimes Department,

> The Côte d’Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

> Cannes Pays de Lérins Urban Community,

> the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region,

> Sophia Club Entreprises.

It is presided by Jean Leonetti, Mayor of Antibes and CASA president.