Research & Development


The particularity of Sophia Antipolis

The technology park specialises in hosting international R&D teams developing new R&D Centres for algorithms, data sciences, mathematical models, etc.

The sectors of activity

There are several categories of FINTECH: FinTech BtoB, BtoC, BtoBtoC, RegTech (regulatory aspects, compliance), InsurTech (insurance, comparisons).

A sector reinventing finance


abaka technologies

ABAKA is a financial consulting digital platform. The British company supplies software for financial institutions, regardless of size and geographical presence; enabling them to prosper in the era of digital savings.

indice a

INDICEA is a global pioneer of index timing solutions – a discipline at the crossroads of related domains: financial mathematics, control theory, differential games, dynamic systems, robotics, automation, data filtering and signal processing.


KEYQUANT offers a systematic investment process for analysing market trends and develops quantitative and systematic investment models to offer investors sustainable returns uncorrelated with the markets.


KORIS delivers asset allocation technologies implemented by renowned investment managers using EFTs, index funds, futures and active funds.

sap labs

SAP is one of the world’s largest providers of business process management software and delivers solutions enabling data processing and more efficient information flows within organisations.


A Silicon Valley unicorn, with a valuation at more than 1 billion Euros, SYMPHONY develops encrypted messaging for banking institutions and is becoming a benchmark collaborative platform vital to the financial services’ digital transformation playbook.

track insight

: TRACK INSIGHT is the first platform open to all institutions (insurers, pension funds, corporates, foundations, sovereign funds and family offices). The platform enables visualisation and analysis of the historic replication quantity of ETFs with regard to their benchmark index.

trading central labs

FinTech specialised in the transformation of complex and unstructured data into interactive experiences that empower today’s investors.