The Technology Park
Portrait of a technopole

At the heart of the French Riviera

50 years since its creation, Sophia Antipolis, Europe’s leading technopole has turned into a centre for global technological innovation. Each year more than 1,000 new jobs are created in the technopole in key fields such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology and autonomous and connected vehicles.

Sophia Antipolis

Europe’s leading technopole

Joint objectives

Our values

Our joint vision and mission have been fuelling Sophia Antipolis since its creation 50 years ago.

Whether your interest lies in autonomous vehicles, health and biotechnologies – many resources are made available to foster development and innovation in a number of sectors. Sophia Antipolis is becoming a playing field and a research centre to meet current and future challenges.


The technopole was built on a unique urban planning model formalised in the 1977 Charter and characterised by the special emphasis placed on the natural environment and on the will for buildings to blend into the landscape. Buildings cannot be taller than the ridge line of the park’s hills.


Sophia Antipolis was designed from the beginning start as a “fertile” centre of advanced technology focusing on conviviality, diversity and multi-disciplines to pool energies creatively and thus create the major innovations of tomorrow. A state of mind which is being reinforced.


Since its creation, Sophia Antipolis has established itself as a place of work benefitting from services and a high quality of life, including opportunities for sport and proximity with nature, to contribute to well-being at work and to facilitate scientific and technological creation and innovation.


Talents, researchers and entrepreneurs from over 80 different countries have set up in the technopole. They were attracted by this innovative, dynamic culture open to change and difference and brimming with enthusiasm. This community is responsible for major innovations which are shaping the world of tomorrow.

A committed organisation

A team at your service

Whether for real estate developments, economic development or implementing public policy, every effort is made each day by the SYMISA team to ensure that Sophia Antipolis maintains its status as Europe’s leading technopole.

Sophia 2040

Key projects

The technopole relies on 50 years of history to prepare for the future with new, large-scale projects.

Sophia 2040 intends to design the land management and urban planning of the territory by 2040, as well as delivering mobility which is respectful of sustainable development guidelines. The aim is to enable Sophia Antipolis to retain and consolidate its innovative capacity while remaining competitive and attractive for business.