Software quality and the development of business applications


Founded almost 17 years ago by former Microsoft consultants, SoftFluentis composed of a team of leading experts in Microsoft technologies, software quality and the development of business applications including software eco-design.

Today, SoftFluent has 80 employees who are all specialised in .NET development and who provide daily support to a large number of major corporate clients, Mid-Sized Businesses, publishers and start-ups covering the entire value chain, offering:

  • – A consulting division and high-level advisory services: Architecture Design, Code Review, Due Diligence, CTO as Service, R&D as Service
  • – An application development division: modernisation of applications, custom software, Azure Cloud migration, agile methodologies, DevOps process.

Thanks to its consultants’ expertise in connected web, mobile and client-rich application architecture in complex environments such as On Premise and Cloud, SoftFluent supports its clients in all their IT projects, either at its service centre or on-site for technical assistance to help develop your team. Discover our good development practices, recommendations for IT decision-makers and our consultants’ top tips on our blog.

SoftFluent also supports humanitarian causes and contributes its expertise to health services with stakeholders such as Stago and EIG. Amongst others, SoftFluent has worked with Chartres hospitals in France to develop a digital tool to make a lasting improvement to comfort in ICUs.

Apart from its innovative ITC activity, SoftFluent has enhanced its offer of digital transformation and productivity software editing expertise, with innovative offers handled by its subsidiaries, including Abeee, a HR integration and retention solution and RowShare, a collaborative product for collecting and visualising data in complete confidentiality.

The company’s employees are shareholders through a FCPE[employee shareholding fund] and can therefore be part of its development strategy.

What’s more, their participation in Great Place to Work and being included on the winners list in 2016 (fewer than 50 employees) and in 2020 (more than 50 employees) reflect an HR management policy which puts people at the heart of the company’s success.

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A requirement management tool


Requirement Yogi was founded by Adrien Ragot in 2013. The company, originating in Lyon, which provides a requirement management tool, has picked Sophia Antipolis for its new headquarters.

For handling long and complex specifications, Requirement Yogi helps you to simplify navigation and monitor requirements. The solution sets itself apart from large publishers, in particular thanks to the agility of its solutions and the customisable tool which is available in the cloud.

Project managers often use Word for specifications with many requirements, which are so technical that the files often contain thousands of pages. The Requirement Yogi solution is a business-specific software which delivers significant time savings, while respecting and streamlining the overall specifications process and ensuring customer satisfaction.

As part of the various integration stages, the Requirement Yogi solution enables you to write requirements in free text in your intranet (Atlassian Confluence), annotate them with sequential numbers and properties, and integrate them into the second phase using Jira to manage change requests, coupled with Confluence to manage static documentation. The solution can be directly integrated with external tools, such as ReqIF, the XML standard of requirement exchange. The last phase will therefore lead to the management of test plans in free text with images and explanations, while ensuring you have fulfilled all specifications.

Requirement Yogi is used for managing complex projects calling for the mandatory use of software, particularly in sectors such as industry, aeronautics, space applications, automobiles and banking.

For Requirement Yogi, setting up in Sophia Antipolis to consolidate its development means benefitting from an area boasting technological prowess, an entrepreneurial mindset and a labour pool of thirty thousand highly qualified individuals, with a strong international orientation, and which offers a less dense living environment from an urban planning point of view.

Following on from its recent installation in Sophia Antipolis, Requirement Yogi intends to recruit several new staff members between now and 2023 to respond to increased demand and to complement the existing team of three people.

The installation was made possible thanks to support provided by Team Côte d’Azur, the Department’s Economic Development Agency, whose purpose is to develop exogenous investment, to woo businesses and talent and to create jobs and wealth in the local ecosystem; making company setups possible and turning them into a success.

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