A pre-eminent AI association


ClusterIA has established itself as a pre-eminent AI association and is strengthening its governance.

Three years after its official launch, ClusterIA has established itself locally and nationally by becoming the industrial arm of the 3IA Côte d’Azur ecosystem.

The result after 3 years of existence is enhanced governance and a programme of initiatives for 2022.

ClusterIA, which has been run exclusively by volunteers since its creation, without subsidies and thanks to the sheer determination of its volunteer team, has brought its members together, coordinating them and allowing them to flourish both nationally and internationally.

At the General Meeting, the members gave a standing ovation to Isabelle Galy, coordinator of ClusterIA, who without any public money whatsoever, is truly the linchpin of this achievement.

Alan Ferbach, the young president of Riviera start-up Videtics, was appointed by unanimous vote and will now preside over this consolidated Board of Directors.

Appointed as Vice-President, Isabelle Galy will continue coordinating ClusterIA and promoting its members. As for Alan Ferbach, with the new Board of Directors he will pursue schemes already initiated with increased energy, so that our AI ecosystem’s excellence is recognised everywhere and by all.

ClusterIA looks forward to welcoming you to the World of AI Festival in Cannes at the Département 06 stand and will be happy to speak with the press.

What a long way we’ve come since 2018, when a handful of AI stakeholders founded the association.

The “Founders” , start-ups: Synchronext, MyDataModels and 360&1, a large group: Docaposte and Université Côte d’Azur, the association EducAzur and Pole SCS were the precursors of what the association was to become: a grouping of industrial, economic, institutional and academic players, working together to create synergies between AI stakeholders.

In March 2018, they set the following goals: to bring together AI players with the aim of connecting, coordinating and accelerating them; to develop initiatives to accelerate the development of AI, to serve as a facilitator and interface of trust for the various players, in order to develop practical and operational examples of AI and to promote the ecosystem nationally and internationally.

Their agenda was quickly shaken up in April 2018, with the release of the Villani report which recommended the set-up of a network of interdisciplinary artificial intelligence institutes.

The dynamic has been set in motion and ClusterIA is engaging in more actions. Its Meetups benefit from the 3IA label, and bring members together each month around an AI subject relevant to a start-up, a large group and a researcher. The idea is to discuss and to develop all of the members’ skills. Use Cases have also been launched to help bring together stakeholders to build AI solutions for agriculture, 5G and Health.

ClusterIA is heavily involved in the ecosystem. It is a member of the industrial committee, the steering committee, the 3IA labelling commission and the scientific committee of OTESIA.

ClusterIA’s strength also comes from its ability to promote the Riviera ecosystem both nationally and internationally. ClusterIA launched the AI technology collective: Francophone Village which brings together some 20 French-speaking territories worldwide. It is a member of the committee of ecosystems in Hub France IA and others. This has ensured that the Riviera’s AI start-ups feature on the AI industry mapping project drawn up by the European Union.

Isabelle Galy: “It is very hard to have an overview of what is happening in other AI ecosystems, that’s why ClusterIA has forged many ties both in France and abroad. All the ecosystems warmly welcomed the initiative, they face the same difficulties and want us to work together”.

ClusterIA has recognised the opportunity this represents and hopes to go even further. It intends to become an international leader of AI ecosystems and an essential component in developing AI research, innovation and industrialisation in France.

Alan Ferbach: “This ecosystem helped me to grow and has provided me with support every step of the way as an entrepreneur. I want other people to benefit from what I have achieved. We’re going to keep making it grow”.

List of new Board of Directors members

  • – Alan Ferbach, Videtics – President
  • – Isabelle Galy, RaisinAI – Coordinator and Vice-President
  • – Damien Fontanes, Aleia – Secretary
  • – Olivier Ricard, 360&1 – Treasurer
  • – Félix Kudelka, MyDataModels – Vice-President
  • – David Darmon, Université Côte d’Azur – Vice-President
  • – Stéphane Bollon, Loamics – Vice-President
  • – Claude Seyrat, Firecell – Vice-President
  • – Fabien Aili, Docaposte – Vice-President
  • – Gérard Giraudon, EducAzur – Vice-President
  • – Thierry Deschamps de Paillette, Asteria – Vice-President
  • – Jacques Jacquet, Alysophil – Vice-President
More information

Cluster IA is an association under French Law 1901, whose purpose is to bring together AI stakeholders (major groups, research centres and researchers, universities, institutions, authorities and start-ups) wishing to invest in developing an AI ecosystem, in particular surrounding 3IA Côte d’Azur and who wish to share their knowledge and define innovative AI solutions together.

ClusterIA Meetups and Use Cases carry the 3IA “Côte d’Azur” label

: 360&1, Aemilio, aiway, AIZCA, Aleia, All4test , Alysophil, Amadeus, APY Groupe, Asteria, Ato, AUSY, Bodyguard, CEA, CitrusBrain, CIUS, COR-e, CSTB, Data Moove, Data ScienceTech Institut, Docaposte, E-Bot7, EduCAzur, Educlever, Ellcie healty, energisme, Engit, Eurobiomed, Exactcure, Expway, FairVision, Fashion Deep Blue, Firecell, Himydata, HPE, IA concept, Idrogen, Imra, Intectae, Intelix, Kapsys, Kinaxia, Le Wagon, Linagora, Loamics, Mane, Mnemotix, mpearl, My dream match, Mycophyto, MyDataModels, MyLittleAdventure, Nodeus, NPXLAB, NSP, Orange, Perfumist, Pocket Confident AI, Pole Optitec, Pôle SCS, Polytech Nice Sophia, Qenvit, Quantmetry, RaisinAI, RGX Systems, SAP, Scalian, Spoon, Symphony, Synchronext, TAS Group, TeachOnMars, TechNext, Telecom Valley, Thales, TMC Europe, Trading central, UCA, Uperia, Vianeo, VillageByCA, Videtics, Vizua3D, Web2ROI, Wever, Zendoc and a few other entrepreneurs.

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