Cooperation between the Foundation Sophia Antipolis and Jiangning Development Zone (JNDZ)

4th China-France Innovation and Cooperation Forum

On 24 June, the “The 4th China-France Innovation and Cooperation Forum” was held in Nanjing, China, following the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between the Fondation Sophia Antipolis (FSA) and the Jiangning Development Zone (JNDZ) recognising the interest of a strategic collaboration aimed at reinforcing development and innovation synergies.

This partnership agreement provides a framework for both parties to collaborate in a wide range of areas and in particular to develop multi-annual exchange programmes.

This online forum was held within the framework of Nanjing Tech Week 2021, whose theme was “Mutual Understanding, Win-Win, Embracing the Convergence of the Future”. It took place simultaneously between the cities of Lyon, Paris, Montargis and the Sophia Antipolis technology park.

The presence of the Foundation Sophia Antipolis at this international forum aimed to promote future exchanges and cooperation between Nanjing and Sophia Antipolis and in particular the possibility of creating a common Sino-Sophipolitan platform.

The Forum was attended by over 400 participants including former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and State Council Advisor Yao Jinyuan. Mr. Jean Pierre Mascarelli, President of the Foundation Sophia Antipolis and President delegate of the mixed syndicate of Sophia-Antipolis (SYMISA) underlined during his speech how much the health crisis revealed the importance of science, technology and innovation for the resilience of territories.

During the round table on Chinese-French technological innovation, the speakers discussed current projects in the fields of biotechnology, IOT and virtual reality.

Practical information:

Nanjing Tech Week, launched in 2019, aims to become part of the global innovation network and the expansion of global innovation circles.

This year’s forum focused on gathering international innovation resources and cooperation between cities to expand the international influence of Nanjing, ranked 4th in China’s National Capacity Assessment of Innovative Cities.

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