Would you like to support our work?


  • To support a historic player and a vital link: the Sophia Antipolis Foundation is the only foundation in the Sophia Antipolis technology park
  • Because the Foundation’s resources and its ability to support projects depends primarily on private donations, public subsidies and institutional partners.
  • Because our governance and our organisation guarantee you
    • A high-quality selection procedure and stringent monitoring of projects
    • Appropriate use of donations and support from partners.
    • That all projects are conducted and assessed stringently

Financial transparency ensured by an Auditor.

  • Because the Sophia Antipolis Foundation has supported a number of innovation and research projects for 35 years which would never have come to fruition without this fundamental support.
  • Because you share the Sophia Antipolis Foundation’s values of humanism, universality, opening, innovation and research
  • Because you wish to get involved in a territorial project to develop the excellence and exemplarity of Sophia Antipolis technology park. A project with a public utility purpose.
  • Because it is recognised by the state, your commitment gives rise to tax exemption. The Sophia Antipolis foundation was declared a public interest foundation in 1984. 60% of your donation is tax deductible.

To support one of our projects (developmental or research) or to allow the Sophia Antipolis foundation to use your donation to support its general running.

Making a bequest, a donation or donating a life insurance policy to the Sophia Antipolis foundation to support it long-term and to make your support live on, because your help will continue after your death.

  • Making a bequest
If you have heirs, the share of your inheritance that can be assigned to the Sophia Antipolis foundation is the “compulsory share” and more specifically, the “disposable” portion. If you do not have any direct heirs, you can divide your assets as you wish. The Sophia Antipolis Foundation is entitled to receive bequests, donations and life insurance policy donations exempt from all succession dues. The Sophia Antipolis Foundation is entitled to receive bequests, donations and life insurance policy donations exempt from all succession dues. Several forms of bequests are possible.

Universal bequests in which you bequest all your assets (only possible if you do not have any direct heirs)

Bequest by universal title in which you bequest some of your assets.

Bequest by particular title in which you bequest a given asset or a sum of money.

A will is a written, dated and signed document in which you express your desires regarding the transmission of your estate after your death. You can thus choose how and to whom your estate will be passed on. Of course, until your death, you remain the owner of said assets and you can dispose of them as you wish.

  • Making a donation
Donations enable you to pass on a portion of your estate during your lifetime to the Sophia Antipolis Foundation. They entitle you to a tax reduction of 66% up to the limit of 20% of your taxable income. IF this limit is exceeded, you can carry forward the excess over the 5 following years. Transmission of your assets is definitive and takes effect immediately. The donation is an official act, signed before a Notary. Your donation is part of your disposable portion if you have direct heirs. Donations of real estate assets must be done by means of a notarised act. This is not the case for personal property, unless it is of significant value.
Different forms of donations:

full ownership donation when you definitely donate your property.

bare ownership donation when you retain right of use of your property throughout your lifetime. Full ownership of the property being transferred to the Sophia Antipolis Foundation in the event of your death.

temporary donation of beneficial ownership when you own property generating an income (securities or real estate) and you wish to provide temporary support to the Sophia Antipolis Foundation. You transmit the right of use of the property while continuing to retain ownership.

  • Donating a life insurance policy.
Life insurance is a savings programme. By registering the Sophia Antipolis Foundation as the beneficiary of part or all of your life insurance policy, you can send us a sum of money after your death without writing or changing your will. The capital, plus its interest, will be transferred to the Sophia Antipolis Foundation, net of all transfer taxes. If required, your savings remain available. To take out a policy or to modify the beneficiary, contact your insurer and your bank.

Your notary can also provide valuable advice. He or she will guide you when making decisions based on your personal situation. He or she can help you draw up inheritance documents and your will. Your notary ensures legal provisions are observed.