Business Cluster start-ups


Discover all the start-ups currently accommodated at the Sophia Business Cluster!

Acustis offers innovative hearing solutions for personalised hearing experiences.

ArcanSecurity offers a secure, passwordless authentication solution, ensuring security and ease of use.

Attestis develops an innovative solution for the construction industry, to prove the display of the mandatory permit notice sign.

Specialised in ten-year liability insurance, the company offers tailored insurance solutions.

Biovotec develops innovative healthcare products for the treatment of chronic and hard-to-heel wounds.


BluManta develops software applications and supplies solutions for augmented reality and 3D analysis and reconstruction.

The Operational Consulting office assists customers in their transformations by means of a systemic, inclusive, innovative and equipped approach.


Ekinnox develops a medical gait analysis device to help healthcare professionals in rehabilitation centres.

Epicnpoc is a methodologies and software suite publisher providing user experiences in the fields of intelligent cockpits for traditional vehicles or new mobility.


The start-up developed a scented foaming lotion with hydrating and long-lasting properties. The concept is shaking the usual codes of the perfume industry and is already proving of interest to big brands.

Greenerwave provides meta-surfaces to control the propagation of electromagnetic waves.

HOASYS develops light modulators for holography and for the spatial control of both amplitude and phase of light.
It also develops imaging systems.

Inocess designs electronics and embedded systems of the future, from concept to demonstration. From specifications to testing, the start-up undertakes all the different project steps to ensure the successful development from conception to the prototype.

ESN, and a great deal more…The engineering teams combine their skills with the commitment to promoting strong societal and environmental values around their clients’ technological projects.

Key Infuser designs and develops innovative robotic solutions focused on the “touch technology” user experience.

Litrinium France specialises in designing analogue integrated circuits for modules for fibre optics.

Liveclass is a digital platform for learning, collaboration and preparing for competitive exams.

Logic Santé offers a software suite for healthcare professionals to cover all their IT needs: SIPS (IT service for healthcare professionals).

Noliju is an ethical brand offering today’s woman fashionable activewear clothing.

Plenesys develops a new technology of plasma torches to replace current torches in the energy, materials and waste treatment fields.

Sensoria Analytics develops a CardioSensys solution for early detection of cardiovascular diseases thanks to a 2-minute test.

Seven Sensing develops technologies and sensors for embedded software, multi-modal sensing and audio processing.

Sikur develops a communication and service platform offering the highest levels of data security.

Sinay collects, aggregates and analyses large volumes of data to supply its customers with a digital platform applicable to all maritime industries.

Tekceleo specialises in mechatronics and piezoelectric technology and has a test and prototype laboratory to validate its customers’ prototypes.

TrucksMe is a multi-brand rental site for industrial and utility vehicles with or without driver and exclusively aimed at professionals interested in mid- and long-term vehicle rental.

Wenity is a simple and intuitive community management and coordination platform providing all the tools needed to manage communities: membership, events, communication, private members’ area, directory, and so on.



Key technologies


instant system

Instant System supports its customers with the implementation of intelligent transport systems and “Mobility as a Service” projects in white-label.


Kalray is the pioneer in processors for new intelligent systems. As a real technological breakthrough, “intelligent” processors have the capability to analyse intelligently and on-the-fly a very large amount of information, and to make decisions and interact in real time with the outside world. These intelligent processors will be deployed extensively in fast-growing sectors, such as new-generation networks (intelligent data centres) and autonomous vehicles, as well as healthcare equipment, drones and robots. is a Cooperative and Participatory Association (SCOP), firmly grounded in the Social and Solidarity Economy. Ridygo is a real-time ridesharing service for short trips. It instantly connects users carrying out similar trips, thus responding to the need for flexibility which currently hinders the adoption of ridesharing for regular trips such as home to work.

Key technologies

education & mobile learning

aom lab

Cywaria is a cutting-edge, cloud native and fully gamified cyber training platform. By using Cywaria, cyber trainees gain skills and improve their performance, training in real world simulated infrastructures.

atp formation

ATP Formation proposes courses in all IT domains; developing course content, determining the appropriate length of training and selecting the most suitable training format in accordance with the specific requirements of each individual.

teach on mars

Designed and built from day one for modern – quick, mobile and informal uses – the Teach on Mars mobile learning solution offers a simple, unique and smart experience that slots straight into the modern learner’s connected, mobile lifestyle. It has users coming back to learn a little more and build a better future every day.

Key technologies

Air & Space


Created in 2013 in Sophia by former Air France and Amadeus employees, Constanz is a smart data platform which captures data about travellers’ experiences to compile client profiles on which a company can capitalise by offering, for example, personalised offers when a flight is booked or when checking in on the following flight in the case of a cancellation.


Set up in 2014, this solution supplies airports and airlines with a predictive analytics platform enabling them to test and predict profitable routes. This valuable tool is of particular importance to low-cost airlines.

option way

Option Way is an airline expert serving travellers. Thanks to innovative solutions, Option Way simplifies ticket reservation and offers clients access to the best prices, without additional costs.


This start-up uses space-based technologies to boost the medical sector. This is how Motivity was created, a platform based on virtual reality. Drawing inspiration from the model used to train astronauts by means of virtual simulation, the model is used for well-being and mental escapism or to help treat behavioural disorders.

Key technologies

iot & data


BuQuaTi is business-driven and specialises in image detection, analysis/maintenance/predictive optimisation and integration with enterprise software and thus offers solutions and products developed with IA-recognised technological building blocks.


Denimbo develops software development tools for the Internet of Things. The company strives to simplify and democratise the creation of personalised applications on cloud connected objects and mobile phones, so that all companies can easily design and deploy their sector-specific applications to connected objects.

easy global market

Easy Global Market is an SME founded in 2010 and specialising in interoperability. It tackles problems linked to integration, test and validation of innovative technologies such as IoT and Big data applied to the fields of smart city, health, transport etc.

ellipso facto

ELLIPSO FACTO is based on a more than a decade of experience in the design and implementation of software integration architectures for geographical data and in the implementation of FMEinteroperability technology.



Ezako supplies innovative solutions by introducing Data Science and Big Data. In particular, the company created Upalgo, a solution suite for time series data processing. Upalgo enables Data Scientists, Citizen Data Scientists and Data Analysts to be more efficient when analysing time series.



IZYPEO® designs and provides trades with digital, secured, intuitive, evolutive and open solutions to pilot their QSE and CSR strategy and to get teams involved.

lucie labs

my cfd

MyCFD provides hydrodynamic and aerodynamic CFD solutions by a web-based service. Founded in 2012, MyCFD’s philosophy is to democratise CFD for marine applications thanks to the advent of high- performance computing and high-precision software.

Key technologies

Biotechnology and Energy Management


B2bot is a French Riviera company specialised in artificial vision and connected objects. The company exploits technology to increase the independence of blind and visually impaired people. For the 253 million visually impaired people around the world, B2bot offers fully autonomous visual comprehension tools adapted to every situation of daily life.


This company develops key in hand substrates to rise to the technological barriers of GaN (Gallium Nitride) on silicon and market requirements in terms of quality and cost. The EasyGaN solution constitutes an alternative technology enabling new entrants to overcome the barriers imposed by existing intellectual property in the field of GaN. It is also a generic technology which could be used by various markets and electronic and optoelectronic applications.


GridPocket takes part in the smart grid revolution and specialises in the development of innovative value-added energy services for utility companies. The “white label” value creation platform is designed to foster real customer engagement, optimise operational costs and integrate new uses and technologies.


Designed and developed by Ino-Sens in Sophia, the Be-Breathe armchair enables users to manage stress and calm their mind in just ten minutes. This high-technology product works on the body and mind and is based on breathing and sensory immersion.


This company designed the RespIn 11, a bronchial airway clearance system which does not bring about permanent compression of the thorax, which is hard to bear for many patients.

rgx systems

Bacteria, fungi, parasites…grape vines have many enemies which pose a permanent threat to farmers. The start-up teams up powerful cameras with artificial intelligence to detect grape vine diseases.


Key technologies

Defense & Security

black box secu

This company creates a digital box (vocoder) offering secured and end-to-end vocal communication on mobile phone, landline and internet networks to solve problems associated with a lack of voice communication security in various telecommunications systems (mobile phones, landlines, internet, etc.)


CynSIS designs reliable and innovative devices to structure and share critical data during catastrophic events. These devices help save lives by supplying real time critical data on the geolocation and state of victims or witnesses, as well as to all the players involved in crisis management, to mobilise more quickly and to better act collectively in real time and in advance in order to be well prepared.


Idemia is a French digital security companyspecialised in biometry, identification and authentication, digital security, data analysis and videos. The company owns an R&D at the technology park.


ONHYS specialises in modelling and simulating pedestrian flows, crowd movements and user behaviour in urban spaces.

safety sciences

With an academic research background, SAFETY SCIENCES boasts experience in flight operations, the risks they generate and strategies to implement in order to avoid them.


SecludIT is a software company which helps its customers to secure their IT infrastructure. Launched in 2011 by security experts to respond to vulnerability and security problems for data in infrastructure, the company has become a recognised player in the industry and has received a number of prizes for innovation in the field of IT security.


Key technologies

Telecom, Modelling & Infrastructures

acute 3d

Acute3D Viewer enables easy exploration and precise measurement of reality meshes of any scale. You can easily activate and deactivate the display of photo textures, triangular surfaces and point clouds to better understand existing conditions.


Amarisoft is a software company specialised in LTE mobile telecom infrastructures (4G and newer). It has developed a complete LTE software suite that includes the eNodeB basic station, the ePC core network and the phone’s software stack (UE). The start-up works at the centre of a global ecosystem that aims to create a new generation of more agile, accessible, affordable and open mobile telecoms equipment manufacturers.

cintoo 3d

Launched in July 2013, Cintoo 3D develops cloud solutions for the management (compression, storage and visualisation) of reality data – 3D data from environmental capture in particular via laser scans. The data compressed by the Cintoo 3D solution allows users to reduce computing and storage costs of three-dimension representations, while retaining a high level of detail.


Founded in 2010, Robocortex is an innovative company and an INRIA spin-off, specialised in augmented reality technologies. Robocortex delivers integrated solutions to assist with training and the execution of industrial tasks: production assembly, quality inspection and equipment maintenance.

Key technologies

Consulting & Digital services


Consulting and engineering services for innovative IT projects for all companies in movement. EngIT, provides outstanding IT expertise for high-performance innovation.


Mi4 is a digital marketing agency which helps transform websites into successful business finders thanks to inbound marketing and innovative growth hacking approaches.

riviera ware

RivieraWareis a computer services company specialised in implementing CRM via service providers.

soft convergence

Soft Convergence swims against the current of the local technological fabric by proposing expertise exclusively dedicated to Microsoft development technologies and tools. Soft Convergence also organises special events such as Microsoft Fashion Dates.

Key technologies

Digital Tools


The Alcméon solution enables marketing and client relation teams of big-name brands to answer client queries and requests quickly and efficiently. To do so, the enterprise solution, which considers itself as a hybrid messaging hub, brings together automation using chatbots and human answering through community managers and customer advisers.


Azameo is an advertising targeting platform for brands and e-merchants of all sizes. Azameo allows users to set up Google, Facebook and Retargeting campaigns in 3 clicks and optimise ROI thanks to self-learning algorithms.

cloud connecte

M2Key(tm) technology by CLOUD CONNECTE enables mobile users to be authenticated in a unique and secured manner. It can open multimedia sessions tailored to user profile and in the location of the session. Mobile takes control of the connected urban furniture: multimedia terminals, vending machines or connected information stands.


Esioox is a secure resale and exchange platform for gift cards in France, where all transactions are guaranteed and where users can get cash for gift cards where required or exchange them.


GLIMis a translation, copywriting and web marketing agency offering services in more than sixty languages in the Sophia Antipolis and Nice area.

my dream match

npx lab


Objeos proposes a range of innovative screens, to boost communication and capture the attention of audiences, thanks to videos in volume.


Oxane develops digital services for veterinary surgeons and offers innovative and personalised solutions to meet their needs.



Teepik is a free global platform for trusted recommendations. On teepik, your friends, friends of friends, professional contacts and experts you have selected, allow you to benefit from their experience by guiding you to the right professionals and the best traders they know. The application amplifies natural word of mouth on a social platform.


The French Riviera company developed a platform allowing users to cut, assemble and publish video clips on any digital platform (web, social or mobile). Wildmoka rises to the challenges of media which need platforms to guide them through the revolution of habits.