Based in Sophia Antipolis, VIDETICS is an Intelligent Video Analysis software edition company


Based in Sophia Antipolis, VIDETICS is an Intelligent Video Analysis software edition company, specialised in Deep Learning founded in 2019. VIDETICS’ core activities focus on developing Artificial Intelligence video analysis tools using software solutions specific to the Smart Cities universe, supplying people with the most relevant information for decision-making. The aim is to generate real-time alerts and statistical data to enable infrastructure managers to anticipate and prevent road congestion and to avert risks flagged up by the system.

Worldwide, 1 million people move to cities every week. This growing urbanisation creates significant logistical challenges (road congestion, waste handling, safety, etc.) and entails changes to infrastructure. Current infrastructure is not designed for the number of people who currently reside in some French cities.


VIDETICS Perception technology

VIDETICS Perception offers a software suite which analyses camera streams, making it possible to retransmit relevant information in real time to ensure an in-depth understanding of the city’s infrastructure and buildings for operators and infrastructure managers, who need to make informed decisions.

VIDETICS developed this solution in the laboratory, making use of existing IP cameras to use them asultra-powered sensors within 2 years. Thanks to artificial intelligence video analysis, this system enables Deep Learning intelligent processing of video streams.

VIDETICS is working actively on human action recognition, in order to protect vulnerable individuals and isolated workers. A number of developments are currently underway.



Riviera start-up, VIDETICS has just announced the raising of 2 million euros from several investors and BPI France. to enable the company to continue developing its technologies to address the challenges of major sporting events to come, such as the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games, which will be held in Paris.

To support its development and technological progress, VIDETICS has surrounded itself with a number of key partners. VIDETICS is notably part of the Start-It-Up programme initiated by the Interdisciplinary Intelligence Artificial Institute “3IA Côte d’Azur”, which helps consolidate its ties with research institutes.

In keeping with its investment in Smart Cities, the start-up has also begun its expansion into the Smart Building market with a new, developmental project in Morocco, where it is analysing the 160 cameras at Mohammed VI University in Ben Guérir in order to reduce the building’s energy consumption.

The fundraising will also support the expansion of the company’s teams and skills. VIDETICS currently has 12 staff members and plans to recruit an additional 13 employees by the end of 2022; primarily developers and project managers.

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