A Sophia-based company

Safeguarding health data

iQualit is a company based in the heart of Sophia Antipolis, and more specifically in Sophia Antipolis’ Biopark.

Specialised in assisting Life Sciences companies, iQualit provides expertise and customised solutions for data management. In concrete terms, this translates into business tools such as ERP, CRM, GED, Projets, GPAO, GMAO, etc., adapted to Life Sciences activities, as well as management of IT infrastructure and hosting, both in line with regulatory requirements. Furthermore, iQualit provides Expertise in Information Systems specifically tailored to Life Sciences, with high-quality support, management of qualified infrastructures and the development of customised solutions.

All of the services the company offers are in line with regulatory requirements in order to ensure data compliance, integrity and availability.

The health sector is one of the sectors hardest hit by cyberattacks, bearing in mind that more and more data is generated and transmitted online.

Health data is highly sought after by hackers for resale, disclosure and ransom, etc. Specific protection measures are therefore required in order to avoid such malicious attacks.

In this context, iQualit recently obtained “Health Data Hosting Provider” [HDS] accreditation. iQualit provides hosting for physical infrastructure, as well as offering information management hosting. This type of hosting concerns personal health data such as blood test and MRI results for example.

The main purpose of the accreditation is to protect patients and those persons holding their data, who are at risk of suffering adverse consequences. Data compliance, integrity, availability and traceability must be guaranteed through this hosting, and are strictly regulated by law. Companies and organisations can therefore outsource this task to an external firm such as iQualit to guarantee the security of gathered data.

iQualit obtained the accreditation for all of its activities, and most importantly in the two areas of application required, namely:

  • “Physical infrastructure hosting provider” accreditation, which regulates and guarantees the provision and maintenance of the physical infrastructure of the information system used, as well as physical sites where physical infrastructure is hosted.
  • “Information manager hosting provider” accreditation, which regulates and guarantees the provision and maintenance of virtual infrastructure, as well as of the application hosting platform of the health information system (administration, operation, remote backup, etc.).

What’s more, this accreditation calls for prior ISO27001 certification, which had already been initiated by the company. This is instrumental to ensuring a functional, regulated and protected system; in line with standards and offering customers data privacy, integrity and availability.

Finally, iQualit works with companies and entities to enable the organisations holding such data to focus on core business activities and to delegate information management, such as for example with specialised companies in the dans pharmaceutical industry, who are then free to concentrate on clinical trials and good laboratory practice, while complying meticulously with obligations under the Health Code. In this example, it is an issue of respecting “Generic Good Practice” or BPx regulations, yet another testament to iQualit’s expertise.