This project, developed by the INSTITUT ARNALUT TZANCK, supports health innovation by replacing equipment in the institute’s coronary angiogram room.The Institut Arnault TZANCK cardiology centre is a centre for excellence recognised in France.

The modern techniques developed by our cutting-edge medical teams make the INSTITUT ARNAULT TZANCK the referring establishment for cardiology centres in the region and the referral hospital for certain patients. Newly outfitted, this room will enable improved technical sophistication and greater safety during endovascular procedures and invasive surgery, surgery for unclogging coronary arteries, treating aneurisms, electrophysiology and rhythmology.


  • This ambitious project aims to replace equipment in one of the three interventional cardiology rooms. where 2,500 patients are treated each year.
  • Invasive cardiology exams
  • Coronary artery dilatation procedures
  • Treating cardiac arrhythmias
  • Treating mitral insufficiency
  • Treating blockages in coronary arteries
  • Implanting heart valves
  • Closing the left ventricle
  • Complex stenting

2021 – 2026

In progress

A major private hospital player in the SUD Region, INSTITUT ARNAULT TZANCK is composed of non-profit associations and private establishments. The 2
sites located in the Alpes Maritimes can treat up to 1,400 patients across 25 healthcare centres.
This strategic project is proposed by the LES AMIS DE LA TRANSFUSION DE L’INSTITUT ARNAULT TZANCK ASSOCIATION (ESPIC) and by the 2 GROUPE ARNAULT TZANCK establishments in the Alpes Maritimes.

The objectives and added value of this project are manifold.

  • Helping to keep technical facilities at the cutting edge
  • Maintaining high diagnosis quality
  • Limiting the administration of contrast fluids and radiation to patients
  • Developing innovative techniques for treatment
  • Generalising procedures for complex interventional cardiology

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